Power To Exhale Summit Keynote

I was invited by a women's group to share my Success Story! The story of hurt, abuse, and betrayal by the people I trusted most as a young child, my own mother and father. To learning the Art of Forgiveness and forgiving the unforgivable. To battling a depression so deep that I found myself staring down a bottle of sleeping pills not knowing if I had the strength to fight for my own life any more. All to learn that I did have the power within me all the time. 

What it means to Break Up With Your Victim

This is a Facebook Live where I breakdown what it means to Breakup with your Inner Victim! 

Hope you enjoy! I would love to hear your thoughts and comments! 

Stop Discounting Your Journey!

I am sharing my personal story of me having to Check Myself with this same thing. I am a Go Getter! I set goals, former athlete and when I set my mind to something I generally make it happen! This particular day, that wasn't the case and I had my pity party and totally discredited all of my accomplishments of the day because I didn't attain the goal. I had to back track and realize there was Gold in the Journey! Take a listen and see if this resonates with you! 

Single is Not a Status! Its a Word! Know the Difference!

This is the video of my Podcast recording from Mothers Day 2019! I dive deep into how women tend to attach their self-worth to their "Singleness" which I Call BS! I share my personal story with Depression and how I did that same thing and it almost cost me my life! Would love to hear your thoughts and comments!